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. and in the next election, you see a lot of peeling off, moving away. the problem is not just the website. these are problems that the obama administration created with the website themselves. they could have done this right. the problems are fundamental to the law. the economics of this law don't work. the president neve truth about it. he never told us it is not going to cost any money. well, it is going to cost a lot of money. >> i said $900 billion, it is already $2.7 trillion. >> actually, the president said it would save us money, he said you can have your own doctor, doctors are dropping off like flies. you can keep your own health care, that is totally untrue, it is just going to get worse. >> i think i know this president, i have studied this guy. he is a rigid radical idealogue, do you really think he will pull the plug on this? >> this is going to get worse. >> day after day, cancellation letter after cancellation letter. >> you haven't even gotten into people who have the corporate policies. that is the much larger group of people. we got a notice the other day that next year
midterm elections. long-term, the jury is still out and substance is going to ultimately determine whether this is a success or not. the most important thing of all is, does it keep costs down? that's what people care about more than anything else. there is some preliminary data, i want to stress preliminary, that costs have been kept down for a number of reasons. if obamacare is driving that, and costs continue to come in lower, that will be important. do the exchanges work, do healthy people get involved? that's critically important. we'll know that by march 31st. finally, look at massachusetts. they had a whole host of problems there at the beginning. and yet have gotten to a point where it's working fairly well, seems to be reasonably popular in that state. hopefully, for those who support the bill, that's the trajectory that will be followed. last thing, i comment on the ad that you're in, one of the ultimate ironies here is i think the health insurance industry is sitting back with tens of millions of dollars in ads waiting to go on tv to promote the law to get people to sign up. tha
of the main things he talked about in his election. but look at this. obamacare approval among uninsured millennials, 18-29, 57% say they disapprove of this program. it's pretty incredible when you think of how he got elected and the group that embraced him so heartily back then. >> there has long been some scepticism among millennials about the president's healthcare plan. what's new and different and most troubling for the white house is there is increased scepticism of the president himself. now you have got a situation where young people are sceptical of the law. sceptical of the reforms. they think they will pay for, they think the coverage will be worse and they are increasingly sceptical of the guy who's selling it and that's what's changed. i don't know that the president can gets that credibility back. the interesting thing is the drop in his support came after the revelations about nsa metadata collection and the coverage it got. he hasn't been able to recover among this group since that time. martha: when you look back at the election numbers, when you say did you vote for oba
. when that was announced last week, i can tell you that every democrat running for re-election this coming year had a heart attack. my god, a month before the election, half of my constituents are going to get a letter from their insurance company telling them, you're out. and that would be the biggest wipeout of the democratic party in an election we've ever seen. that's what they're facing if they don't change this thing or, i think what they're going to do is try to delay the whole thing past the election. >> there are numbers that have come out, and fox news has done this polling as well to see whether or not people are feeling like taking this issue to the ballot box. and i want to show everybody about trustworthiness and where this administration is. 55% of people surveyed in this fox news poll earlier this month say that they feel like the administration has tried to deceive them about what's really in the affordable care act. that's problematic not just for this president but it becomes an election talking point, i would imagine, at some point. if it holds. >> the democ
candidate who is electable. as chief political correspondent carl cameron reports, there are many democrats who say their party needs to adopt a corollary rule. nominate the most liberal candidate or risk losing relevance. >> reporter: unemployment has finally dipped, but wall street got a big bailout. most bush tax cuts remain and much of the obama agenda is stalled. progressives blame the president and weak party leadership. >> democrats didn't push hard enough to create an agenda that would put america back to work, rebuild our infrastructure, get us out of the wars, and to take us in a new direction on trade and push for civil liberties. >> reporter: but the think tank known as third wave ripped into far left economic pop ulists, warning in a hard-hitting op-ed that, nothing would be more disastrous for democrats. the political problems of liberal populism are bad enough. the movement relies on a, we can have it all fantasy. when the tea party pushed the gop right, democrats lost the house majority in the biggest blowout in 50 years. a coalition of 54 blue dog democrats saw their ranks
progress. that is another key part of his base. they helped elect him and get those young people out there talking about the health care law and talking about what you said he wanted to really stress at this economic speech which is what he calls the defining issue of our time. listen to this. >> if republicans have concrete plans that will actually reduce in equality and build the middle class let's hear them. i want to know what they are. if you don't think we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your ideas. >> you hear the president there calling out republicans on the hill. he did that yesterday when he tried to reboot the health care law. he was doing the same here on the economy. he got some strong push back today. he said republicans have all kinds of plans to deal with these issues. he goes on almost every other friday night and repeals the bill itself. he signed 7 bills and so he knows the bill won't work. he has to listen what is going on. a new poll came out this week that the more people know the stronger they disapprove of it. another poll republicans are jumping on
will this impact the 2014 midterm election. >> my message is going back. that seems to be the alternative that obama care critecs have. go back to the status quo. they haven't presented an alternative. if you ask opponents of the law what they would do differently? their answer is go back to the way things used to be. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ >>> here is kramatic dash police cam video. a man walking in texas. they didn't know he was colt morgan wanted for killing his girlfriend. he reached in the waist for a concealed weapon. and the police are still looking for him today. he's not been caught. president obama said we are not going bavenlth but a head are the midterm elections. and the democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot. here is brett hume on the kelly file. >> you have 5 million people losing health insurance so far and millions more to come not to mention the people trying to use the
democrat exly elected black president. he chronicled end of apartheid and mandela's election and serving as african correspondent for the bbc. tom, thanks for joining us today with your thoughts. and what were they when you first got the news that mandela pass ad way? >> i had a lot of emotions both at a personal level and a professional one. i had the same feelings that everyone had, this was absolute titan of the global stage whose like we'll probably never see in our lifetimes again. these sort of men only only come around everyone hundred years or some i have memories when i met him during the time i was in south africa, particularly of his personal warmth and humor. i remember one joke he used to tell when a group of journalist west were gathered in his house and we were sitting talking to him before the interview and he joked about how when he was in jail and the antiapartheid protests started he was told by someone a lot of the kids in london when they were protesting believed that free was his first name because free nelson mandela was the postcard placard they were holding up. t
. you have got to be careful what you say when you are in an election. when you say it's going to be the most transparent administration in history you will be held to that standard. >> what about calling the president a liar. is that okay? i think so. i know bob you don't like it. i'm wondering what bob had for breakfast because i'm nodding my head. i think there is a high bar set by the president. when i worked in washington, d.c., we figured out every way to call our opponent anything but a liar. however, during this last presidential election president obama actually used the term and their staff did on his campaign. it shocked a lot of people that they went there first. now that that bar has been lowered and they are calling each other a liar, i do think it's fair. and either they are grossly incompetent or they are deceitful. either way the credibility has been lost. a lot of people gave him goodwill when oh came in to do obamacare. this touches him personally. >> you are touching on something that's important here. it's the way this president came into the white house an
's true, barbara. the truth of the matter is i got re-elected. in part because people did think i was trustworthy and they knew i was working on their behalf. >> strange answer. >> yes. >> strange answer. strange prep for that answer, i have to say. >> really, what would you say? >> i think he could have said, barbara, i've seen those numbers and they concern me. want the american people to know they can trust me and i'm working hard on their behalf. something instead of "well, i don't think that's true." it's barbara walters looking at the gallup poll. >> it's amazing to me, in today's american politic, things move rather rapidly, and i guarantee the republicans figure out a way to do something that will increase obama's poll numbers. >> i agree it also because, a the republicans will always be the viable villain for the media. they're going to find something that the republicans do next that will take away. because obama is their guy. >> hopefully, the republicans are smart enough to stay out of obama care. you wonder why it's the topic every single day. because it needs to be -
that true, barbara. the truth of the matter is i got re-elected because people thought i was trustworthy and working on their behalf. >> strange answer. strange prep for that answer, i have to say. >> what would you -- >> i think what we could have said is, barbara, i've seen those numbers, they concern me. ip the american people to know they can trust me and i'm working on their behalf. and other than, it's true. it's barbara walters looking at the gallup poll. >> it's amazing to me -- in today's american politics things move rapidly. i guarantee republicans will do something to increase the poll numbers. >> i agree. because republicans will always be the viable villain for the media they'll find something republicans will do to take away -- because obama is their guy. >> hopefully republicans are smart enough to stay out of obama care. you wonder why it's the topic every single day? because it needs to be. it shouldn't be -- it should be, obama care, it's epic failure -- >> as soon as the website is back up and rolling, then you get into the real problems with obama care
four years. >> people are not buying it. >> because the law passed, the president won re-election the supreme court upheld it and 1 million people showed up on the web site yesterday. 380,000 showed up before noon today. >> reporter: republicans insist the web site issues are just the tip of the iceberg. >> this bill is fundamentally flawed. it's causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan. if that isn't enough, they're having to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> reporter: now boehner's office noting tonight there was not a lot of air cover for the president today from congressional democrats. didn't have a lot of news conferences or anything like that. perhaps nervous about the politics of touting this health care law. but a white house official just told me it's only the first day of a three-week rollout, and the believe they'll have the support in the end. brett? >> any sense how much this is all going to cost the taxpayer? >> reporter: well, there's basically officials confirming tonight that they're looking at ways to he
and the uninsured. that are eligible for the exchanges. this is like looking as election night returns five minutes after the polls 0 close. we don't know yet. >> what is interesting or what we're finding out, in a lot of states it's not just the republican governor states or republican leader states that are having the problems. in in maryland, dominated by a democratic government and legislature. it's one of the biggest problems, and that flies the the in face or of what the administration is arguing, the republican governors are trying to tear this thing apart and stop it in its tracks. >> it's too early. the results are too early. the real issue here, neil, when you look at what these people are expected to buy. young people are expected to pay 10% of their after-tax income for health insurance policy that might have a $2,000 deduct illinois and some states the deductible is up to $6,000. these people are the healthy, invincibles and not a lot of people have disposable income no matter they're age to to have to put 10% of your disposable income out for something that is a piece of paper with a
is the first elected president of multiracial south africa. he makes the clerk his deputy president so there's a clear sign to the country, this is about reconciliation, moving forward. this is not about recriminations and bitterness. that's the inspiring part. inagree with you, bob. some of those countries, communists or whatever, were the few countries willing to support a nelson mandela. you know what is the key, afterwards, he says no to violence and no to the communists. >> we want to thank you for being with us tonight and sharing those coming up, bob was down at his g house in d.c. last weekend putting up his christmas lights. we're not sure how hard he actually worked. inting up his christmas lights. we're not sure how hard he actually worked. don't miss the annual christmas light show. bob is very excited. we have a special package for you and it's coming up on "the five." d. we've got a special package for you and it's coming up. [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can
were four years ago? most americans that elected this president yet again, now they're having buyers remorse, because most americans are not better off. if you look at the unemployment rate at 7% but for the black community, last check, it was 13%. the hispanic community has not lowered that much and for women and young adults, if you have a college degree, kelly, most people don't have a job today, so people are looking at this situation and though the president is a great orator, a great politician, motivational speeches do not make a more prosperous america. >> when you look at the president, is it all his fault? does congress have something to do with this as well? >> i think you have to look at this in context. one is i think polling is a snapshot in type and right now the president is going through a rough patch. compared to republicans in congress and what their approval ratings are, the president is actually sky high. not having a congress that will work with him in order to get any of these things done in order to fix the economy and fix health care and get immigration done,
. but he did it after he got elected. but this guy here is demonstrating he can work 29 democratic mayors in new jersey endorsed this man. 29 dem -- this guy can get it done, and let me tell you something. what washington needs now is one strong leader. unfortunately -- >> how dooff know he is that guy? >> i'm watch doing. >> ow don't think it's ted cruz or rand paul. >> absolutely not. >> either of those guys got the nomination -- -- >> if we don't ghetto the senate we can't win. >> you think a governor is the way to go. >> i think by definition and by experience, go back and think about it. fdr, governor. reagan, governor. go back and look -- >> john kennedy, senator. >> well, i wouldn't -- >> not a fan of him. >> i wasn't fan but also not sure how things would have worked out. we know, for example, vietnam turned out to be a nightmare for us. >> fair enough. but do you buy this that -- something i get into with dick cheny tonight on fbn, if you don't get you should demand. he just hopes the party can avoid killing itself. do you think it can in. >> what i'm really bothered by these in
seems to be acting lawlessly, at the end of the day, the real remedy is elections. and the people really should pay attention to whether their elected officials are scrupulously adhering to the u.s. constitution. it's their most important job. >> is there -- in comparison to what some other president did in recent history that we could sort of compare this to? >> no. i think this is quite different, actually. so, you know, president bush did occasionally claim the power not to execute certain laws because he believed that those laws were unconstitutional. that's quite a different matter. here president obama is declining execute statutes without any claim that they're unconstitutional. president obama does not believe obamacare is unconstitutional. he believes it's fantastic. he just thinks as a matter of policy and as a matter of politics it serves his purposes to defer parts of it for a year and to interpret parts of it which the text won't allow. it might superficially look a bit like president bush did. it's equally quite different no constitutional rationale for it. >> professor, th
support among 18 to 29-year-olds, core constituents whoa helped get his elected and re-ele re-elected, is cratering, down from april from 41%,a member of congress the group, 57% -- among the group, 57% do not approve of obama care. 22% of the group say they will sign up for it. among people who currently do not have health insurance, even then, only 29% say they'll enroll in obama care. a couple of thing that they're worried about. 51% say they believe that under obama care the cost of health care will go up while 44% believe the quality of care will go down. now for the financial assumptions, the affordable care act to work, fully 4 0% of enrollees have to be below the age of 35. the poll clearly shows the numbers are not there. director of harvard's institute of politics conducted the poll. >> the president's in a tough spot, declining approval ratings, young people who don't support a policy initiative, who don't want to sign up. and that could lead to either further problems down the road for his signature initiatives. >> grayson believes that the white house only has a short peri
's degree during which time he was elected onto the student's representative council and suspended from college for joining a protest boycott. he was eququalified in laura to make him ready for the struggle of his people he struggled to end during wars of resistance in their land. that degree gave him rights to practice law. he and oliver established the first black law firm. december 5, 1955 he would be on the other side of the law following a country wide sweep by police that would put him and 155 activists on trial for treason while which dragged on to the 28 accused were acquitted march 29, 1961. the headline from fox news desk this afternoon. just before midnight, about 20 minutes ago the south african president announced his long struggle in the hospital since june and before has come to an end. the iconic civil rights leader and former president of south africa, nelson mandela, is dead today at 95. fox news new york continuing coverage on fox news channel, satellite and cable, more coverage later on your late local news. we continue our coverage on fox news channel across the cou
people are going to get sick and die with serious illness and next fall as we head to the 2014 elections, a lot of people who got grandfathered will get cancelled again and get sticker shock right before the elections and people in small businesses will be cancelled out. and the employer man date coming back. there is a list of things to go wrong with this? >> jamu, do you see the same sort of pessimistic outlook in terms of obviously 5 million people who got cancellation letters, and do you see more of those in the future f if that happens with the small businesses? >> no, alisyn. it is not about a first imprigz. la rs can agree we have had a time that lost first game of the season and gone on to win the championship. that's what will happen with the affordable. it is more than political issue. it is life or death. before the affordable care act people could not get health insurance. and speaking of dying and you don't have access to health insurance you die. and the affordable care act, for sure they stumbled out of the gate, but this is not a website. >> a bit more than a stum pel. th
. it will take the heart out of obama care and force democrats that are running for re-election to say mr. president we are up for re-election you are not. this has to change or we are going to lose our jobs. veto it and we are going to override it. we should watch the hobby lobby case in the supreme court which will be argued in march and we will get a ruling in june. >> maybe we should have the judge watch it for us. >> yes. thank you judge. >> see you later buddy. >> we are await iing campaign t resell obama care to the public. we'll take you live to the white house. >> and how the president can resell you today on obama care. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? tha
, the first elected black president of this country but affectionally called ta-ta, father in tribal language. all through the night singing, dancing outside his house in johannesburg. we were there a couple of months ago when mandela was near death at the pretoria hospital. we saw the outpouring of emotion there. there's going to be a whole lot more over the coming days in his country. back to you. >> indeed. a giant for justice. nelson mandela. thank you very much, greg. >> word came out in the middle of the night so a lot of people did not know. i was actually on with neil cavuto. i said am i boring him? he said the 95-year-old nelson mandela passed away. we did get word when he left the hospital to go home and we thought that could be the end. we thought it could be just that. >> a tribute page, on twitter people expressing their love and thanks to a man that certainly is an icoo and a hero to so many. >> and he was a hero to the president of the united states. he was a huge inspiration for him when he saw what one man could do to inspire so many, he decided to get into politics. he said
know, i'm out of the prediction business. >> good idea. >> if the election would be held right now, we need six seats. there are three that were near unopposed. west virginia, montana. open seats, weak democrats. there were four incumbent democrats in serious trouble. cotton is ahead of prior in arkansas. cassidy if you count the republican vote with mannis is ahead of landrieu in louisiana. most of the alternatives are tied with haguen in north carolina. and beggish is probably behind either of his two republicans in alaska. that's seven. then you have four seats. two vacancies, michigan and -- i'm sorry, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire, and oregon where the democratic incumbent could lose. by the way, that includes franken. >> we'll see. you're right. stay out of the prediction business, dick. going to get people all excited. >> absolutely. i'm out of it. >> up next tonight on "hannity." >> it will be inexplicable if somebody involved in the creation of the website doesn't get fired. or a group of people don't get fired. >> president obama's former press secretary robert gibbs isn
to push his re-election and health care was a major issue. >> right. >> were you present for discussions about this line about people being able to keep their health insurance plans. >> i worked for the president beginning in 2007 through the re-election campaign. we tried every day to get everything we said and that the president said right. it went through a research vet, a policy vet. >> did you think you would get something wrong? >> we were scared we would get everything wrong. >> you're not answering my question. there have been lots of reports about barack obama's advisers and so on being present and whether the policy people, the report from the wall street journal was that the policy people said the president can't go out there and say this if you like your plan you can keep it. and the political people said, keep your mouth shut because your actual statement is not that salable. that's what the journal reported. >> i never discussed it with him. i don't recall having that discussion. having talked to some of the other people involved subsequently, i know there is an incredible
people very important in electing and reelecting this president but there is a harvard poll out today suggesting that at least 56% of 18 to 29-year-olds oppose the affordable care act right now. he needs those people, as you said a moment ago to sign up for this new law. not all of them doing it just yet, jon. jenna: interesting new numbers on the young, there. ed, thank you very much. >> reporter: good to see you. jon: you just heard ed talking about the president's remarks about the economy. mr. obama addressed the major debates in washington right now and the impact on americans. listen. >> between a reckless shutdown by congressional republicans in an effort to repeal the affordable care act, and admittedly poor execution on my administration's part in implementing the latest stage of the new law, nobody has acquitted themselves these past few months. so it is not surprising that the american people's frustrations with washington are at an all-time high. jon: let's talk about with charlie hirt. he is a columnist for "the washington times." this is twice now in two days that the pr
are hearing from individuals who supported the president originally and for his re-election who lost trust. they realize that this is something that's so harmful to jobs to the economy and to the access of health care and quality of life. >> wish i had more time. we'll stay on it and watch closely. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> my next guest hacks into computer sites for a living. he's a white hat hacker. he says absolutely no security was built into the health website so your personal information may be at risk. so should you ever sign on? we'll get to it next. later -- >> a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain that if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the defining challenge of our time. >> class warfare is back. president obama attacking the success of hard-working americans. we'll explain what he wants to do now. plus he's out, done, finished. martin bashir offered his resignation after the despicable comments he made about governor sarah palin. we'll tell you what he s
consequences come every other year in elections. and i just hope the voters, it's the tyranny of low expectations. i hope that their expectations for government are not so low that they really aren't happy that the website is finally working. i hope they still punish people because it wasn't working when it was supposed to be. so we need to race our expectations and congress needs to have more perseverance when it comes to investigations. >> i'm always scandalized, you never find out, when you ask the question well who did it. nobody knows. i'll have to get back to you. and you can't even, you can't fix something if you can't find out where the bad apple is that might be poisoning the rest of the project. >> we're going through that right now with the irs targeting scandal that was so big several months ago. we're having a really hard time identifying where the idea came from, who if anyone's ever going to be responsible for it. look at the website. kathleen sebelius still has her job. >> let's say that president obama said hit the road to her. what would we get out of it? 9 be the
and their families. remember, the unions fought to help the president get elected and fought to pass the affordable care act. when the president extended employers from joining obama care until 2015, the unions felt left at the altar. the unions demanded tax breaks and subsidies, arguing that health care would result in union workers losing both hours and jobs. remember this? listen. >> we'll be damned if we are going to lose health insurance because of unintended consequences in the law. it needs to be changed. it needs to be fixed. it needs to be fixed now, brothers and sisters. >> the administration said no to the subsidies and now very quietly, megyn, they are pushing the new fee reducing tax and it could give them a pass and pass the costs on to somebody else. megyn? >> all right, thank you. >>> joining me with more senator rob johnson from wisconsin. he cosponsored the union fairness act which would prevent the administration from doing this. we talked about this before. they might do it. now it appears they are doing it. can it be stopped? >> we are hoping so. last time i was here, this is s
election, mu be obamacare. and all of its aspects and the cool thing about obamacare is it is not only bad for the economy and bad for people's health. it's also bad for freedom of conscience. it's bad on whole variety of issues that will energize all across america. >> folks feel the way that you do. that could change. if obamacare kic in and people are getting better healthcare at a less expensive price, things could change. >> you know, come on, bill, you know that's not going to happen. telling us. >> 7 a% it's not going to happen. there is a 25% that it might. you are a movie mogul now. got a movie company. film out now "35 seconds" tell us what the film is. >> it's called the christmas candle it feeds into the points that you have talked about, the war on christmas. this is a christmas movie at christmas time. if you look at all of the reviews from those who are people of faith or faith publications, it was wonderfully reviewed. t all the secular folks just hammered it what's this religion at christmas time? it really is as you talked about. really not a war on christmas.
zuma is up for election for a second time, and i wonder if his dying might force people to think about this reality and maybe change government there. is that possible possibility in your estimation? >> i'm not sure it's a change of government but certainly going to create huge problems bus south africa is going back to racial division, which was really backwards, and particularly with political parties. i think this is going to pose challenges for all political parties. how do we act more like mandela, how do we create real change instead of being pseudo politicians, fake change. a world without leaderred at the moment. >> charlene smith, authorized mandela biographer. thank you. >> thank you. >> next, different kind of hero. here in the united states. remember batkid? set to make a big return tomorrow bus this time he won't be fighting the bad guys. the details just ahead. like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for
elected a republican congress in the house because of obama care. we're going to basically get another shot here of winning a senate on the same issues, so three senate seats today that are open. another three or four that are vulnerable and we need to pick up six seats. if we do, the game has changed dramatically. >> this powell, 81% of respondents believe the law should be changed or repealed. let's just work with changed since that's probably easier at the moment. it's impossible for me today not to look through the lens of nelson mandela, but is there any way that the white house and republicans could ever just come together and figure out how to fix this thing? >> well, i would hope they would and certainly that is the legacy, the enduring legacy of mandela, which is compromise rising above your circumstances, but i think this president has picked a very different strategy. he is going to double down on obama care and he is going to attack the republicans and let's be clear while the democrats have huge political liabilities, the republicans have lower ratings and are seen as the
, they have a unity government. mandela is the first elected president of multiracial south africa. he makes the clerk his deputy president so there's a clear sign to the country, this is about reconciliation, moving forward. this is not about recriminations and bitterness. that's the inspiring part. inagree with you, bob. some of those countries, communists or whatever, were the few countries willing to support a nelson mandela. you know what is the key, afterwards, he says no to violence and no to those communists. >> juan, we want to thank you. our fellow co-host of "the five" for being with us tonight and sharing those reflections. >>> coming up, mr. bob beckle was down at his house in d.c. last weekend putting u.n. h int christmas lights. we're not sure how hard he actually worked. don't miss the annual light show. bob's just talking away. he's very excited. we've got a special package for you and it's coming up. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run io problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car repla
, not willful men and women who made up the rules. it's different when you elect a superstar he suddenly doesn't think that he's there to be the president. >> good or bad for the constitution? >> bad. turly is saying president obama was doing this in overdrive. because the government won't uphold the laws, why should taxpayers abide by them. every president from ford through clinton opposed 250 laws, the constitutional objections but they still upheld them. in president is doing worse in not unforcing the laws. >> he likes to quote the founding fathers. listen to this quote from james madison. he says it will be of little avail to the people that the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read or so incoherent that they cannot be understood or undergo insays ent changes that no man who knows what the law is today will know what they are tomorrow. >> presidents can't send troops into war, appoint judges or change laws without consent. in rick's defense, presidents back to wood droe wilson has been abusing executive power. this isn't just an obama thing. >> the fact that it's happened before
. but people are focusing on the november 2014 elections because they are not stupid. i hear it every day on my radio show. >> all right. herman cain, always a pleasure to have you on. thank you for joining us today with your insights. appreciate it. >> happy to be here. >> take care. >>> well, take a look, you'ring looking at live pictures from the san francisco international airport where we are expecting to see american veteran merrill newman any moment. what was north korea hoping to accomplish by keeping him hostage? after the break, we're going to ask former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and north korea troubleshooter bill richardson for his take. and you can't fight city hall, local officials tell one pint-size entrepreneur she can't sell mistletoe but she's welcome to, get this, beg. here's what she thought of that suggestion. >> the pins approximaterinciple need to start working hard. it's not applying themselves. >> and a hot story for all of you in the holiday season. a scarred childhood leads him to devote his life in helping children in need. you'll meet him later on in this show. li
're seeing people coming out like mary landrieu, who is up in a tough re-election this next year, and after a month of saying, well, we need to fix this, now she's out saying, i would vote for this law again. so they're going to try to make this an asset. >> what are the markers we should be looking for here in the coming weeks to come, whether or not this thing is actually gaining more momentum and is working like the white house says? >> one thing is that they've refused to say how severe the back end problems are. they said they've fixed the problems but they won't say how much -- how many problems there were to begin with. >> so it's still a black box. >> right. you can't just trust anything that comes out of the health and human services administration. so once they start revealing more information, we're seeing this week where there's a surge of enrollment. when they start to be more transparent, that will be a sign things are better. i don't think that's going to happen. >> is the white house going to tough this out, march on, declir victory no matter what happened and just make sure
with the federal government. it was conceived and controlled by elected governors and state school chiefs to keep federal hands from interfering and its only dealt with two subjects, math and he english, and in thoe two subjects established only state-initiated standards in the stucks and intentionally didn't write or suggest curriculum. it set voluntary goals. voluntary goals. they were controlled by the local school boards. unfortunately the locally controlled and very simple creation of standards in math and english, created so that students would be measured by comparable standards regardless of geography, that's been hijacked by those who took the label "common core" and applied it to curriculum, subject others than math and english, and unrelated things such as personal data collection. as a result, "common core" is dead and the hopefully the perversions will die as well. what i hope doesn't die is shedding higher standards for students. keeping score to see just how well they're doing. and then having accountability for e results. education bureaucrats have long fought against honest asses
doing the things that i want to do and i think the people of kentucky elected me to do and i'm just not ready to make a decision yet. >> thanks for joining us. it's always a pleasure to talk with you, sir. >>> up next, the website is working better, but are obama care's problems solved? dr. emanuel, one of the law's architects, returns to fox news sunday. >>> plus, today marks ten years since i joined the fox family. >> good morning and welcome to fox news sunday, volume two. >> oh, my gosh. well, we'll have some of the highlights later in the program and we'd like you to logon to facebook and share some of your favorite moments on our page and we'll be right back. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on er
this week. a number of the elected members said because of current legal precedent they don't have standing. they don't have a way as a plaintiff to go to court and say they want to sue the executive court over these issues. senator bayh, you talked about something during this hearing, which is why the regulatory branchs and jonathan turley, said it's also like the rise of the fourth branch that the founders never intended but the federal agency have so much power to carry out in tandem with the executive branch things that the president would like to get done and there's no check on them. >> shannon, that's exactly right. any president that is going to use that regulatory power to the maximum extent they can otherwise their election has not meant anything. so let's take the dodd/frank bill, regulating the financial services or, as jon mentioned, obama care. those laws were probably 10% prescripted by congress, you will do this and you won't do that and that, by definition, is congress handing over the regulatory authorities, vast maneuver and we're seeing it used very aggressively right no
think the people of kentucky elected me to do and i'm just not ready to make a decision yet. >> thanks for joining us. it's always a pleasure to talk with you, sir. >>> up next, the website is working better, but are obama care's problems solved? dr. emanuel, one of the law's architects, returns to fox news sunday. >>> plus, today marks ten years since i joined the fox family. >> good morning and welcome to fox news sunday, volume two. >> oh, my gosh. well, we'll have some of the highlights later in the program and we'd like you to logon to facebook and share some of your favorite moments on our page and we'll be right back. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and t
and ezekiel emanuel may think of young people, that's a bad deal. as you point out, we've had three elections on this. there's nobody in the america who has not at least heard of obama care and i think that -- i think that what we're seeing is their very real refusal to go along with it because as you say, it's a bad idea for them. >> the white house, charlie, has to be deeply worried about the new harvard millennial poll. only 22% of young americans plan to sign up. 47% say it's unlikely they are going to sign up. i mean, those young people are the ones who are supposed to pay, as you point out, for the higher health costs for older and sick americans. if that doesn't happen, charlie, it could cause what experts say is a death spiral of skyrocketing premiums and then the risk, the collapse of the entire system. right? >> and i think -- absolutely. and i think that is exactly why the administration would much rather spend their time talking about what a disaster the website is and we're going to fix the website and get the glitches out. and you know what, eventually -- and they compare it to
that the white house said. nancy pelosi and harry reid and virtually every elected democrat who was pushing this law. it really is interesting. because when zeke emanuel is talking about maybe having to pay more for the privilege of keeping the doctor you were promised you could, that's on top of the increased premiums that many people are experiencing. and the increased out of pocket costs like huge new deductibles under many of these obama care plans. for them to try to now go back and say no one promised lower premiums? they're free to make that argument. the american people are free to laugh in their faces. because they said it repeatedly. we remember that. there's videotape of this. >> not only now do we have potential broken promises, but now we have privacy, more privacy issues as well. let's go out to california where the health exchange there apparently in some sort of a pilot program shared consumer contact information with insurance agents. in other words, maybe sold their private information even when they had not actually purchased a plan. so, guy, let's just assume that you we
africa's first democratically elected and first black president and forge ad legacy of forgiveness and unit. bill: we learned moments ago, mandela's national funeral will take place december 15th, nine days from now. greg palkot leading coverage. greg, you were in south africa six months ago. how are people reacting there? >> reporter: that's right, bill. we were outside the pretoria hospital whereenelson mandela laid gravely ill couple months ago. we saw the outpouring. the scenes we're looking at now from south africa is just the beginning. it will continue. crowds are gathering outside of the johannesburg house where mandela spent last troubling weeks and months. they're marking the passing of the person they can the father of their country. they're mourning and also celebrating the man. his body was taken overnight to a nearby morgue in preparation for the week-long morning period starting with a national day of prayer this coming sunday and ending with burial in the following sunday in the home village. probably no stronger tribute we've heard today from the one-time nemesis o
, politicians can get elected out of office. booted out by the people. but these folks are going to be career lawyers in the department of homeland security. they're going to be there until they retire. >> yeah. they're going to be on the gf scale making between 75,000 and 155,000 a year. you can't get rid of them. they're career federal civil servants and the next republican administration is going to run into problems because the entire bureaucracy is being filled up with ideologue who will oppose republicans party once the republicans retake the white house. >> give us a quick example as you're exit question what, that would mean. >> look, these folks are going to have the power to do back door amnesty. anybody who applies for certain types of status, people who overstayed visa, these lawyers who have spent their short careers fighting on these issues will keep doing it. it's all over the administration. it's an election law tier. immigration now. >> indeed it is. well-known whistle blower in dc, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. coming up,
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